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OUTRIGGER ADVISORY GROUP is a research, full-service marketing, and operations management consulting firm utilizing market research, big data, modern marketing, and analytics to strategically place your organization ahead to create a competitive advantage.

We provide management and team technical training on agile methodologies, operational systems, marketing technology, and customer experience solutions. Certifications provided for customized training. Certification guidance for program specific training.

Ready to Grow Your Organization?

OUTRIGGER'S Ultimate Marketing Conversion System

Strategy & Implementation
We design strategies based on research, provide analytics, design marketing strategies, and train your sales team how to close.
Nimble and Flexible
We create flexible plans so you may control your budget and leverage the right solutions to fit your growth plan. Stay nimble.
Organization Restructuring
Whether you are growing, moving to another city, or downsizing we will help you make a smooth transition. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Market Research
  • ​Business Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence with Analytics
  • ​Strategy & Planning
  • ​Data Integration & Implementation
  • ​Training
  • ​Support
  • ​Corporate Relocations Assistance

OUTRIGGER'S Comprehensive Research and Analysis along with Operational Consulting helps businesses make strategic business decisions

● Using Big Data to find out the demographics that you wish to target
● Website redesign
● Automating Marketing Processes
● Automating Operational Processes
● Sales Systems Processes
● Generating Accurate Reports
● Lead Scoring CRM To Pursue New Opportunities
● Increased Client Retention - Leading To Increased Revenue
● Customized Metrics - Transparency with Real-Time Analytics
● Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns
US Economic & Unemployment Data

Current Unemployment Data - By County
July 2020 vs November 2020

July 2020

November 2020

We Focus on Results
We are a results-based business consulting and marketing firm specializing in
marketing automation and analytics so you may gain a competitive advantage.
How Is Your Marketing Strategy Different?
Businesses have marketed their products and services in some form or fashion for thousands of years, but in 2020 and beyond, things are a little different. Business owners need a marketing strategy which will WORK FOR THEM. Our marketing automation systems are customized for each business and allows for campaigns and messages to be scaled with an omni-channel approach. 

Utilizing a marketing automation system designed for your business now will help you gain marketshare. We're here to help you execute a comprehensive and detailed marketing strategy that is optimized to ensure that your time is free for your other personal and professional obligations.

With OUTRIGGER, you get all the capabilities of a senior-level team without the cost. We create the systems and get all your marketing data in one place so you can see the results In-Real-Time. In fact,we can teach your marketing team how to maintain your marketing and provide even more savings.

You get the data, leads, and results all with one company

No need to login to multiple marketing platforms to see your analytics.
It isn’t hard to find a marketing agency out there that is eager to take your money, execute a campaign, then move on to their next project. 

OUTRIGGER specializes in personalized marketing campaigns that target key demographics and is specially tailored to achieve specific milestones. 

Many companies are already using marketing automation. OUTRIGGER is here to make sure that you don’t get left behind. We create your marketing automation strategies to be authentic and personalized to attract, engage, and close more business - ethically.

Partner with us and see the difference.
See How Your Marketing Campaigns Are Working
  •  Find Your Real Target Market Using Data Science
  • See Campaign Results In Real Time
  •  Automate Your Marketing & Operational Processes
  • Generate Accurate Reports 
  • Eliminate the Guessing Game
  •  Increase Return on Investment
  •  Stop Losing Leads - With Our Lead Scoring CRM
  •  Client Retention - With Our Lead Nurturing Solutions
Research & Statistics
"Nearly 80% of leads are lost in the first phase of the lead generation process."
-Outrigger Research

"Sales reps spend only 1/3 of their time selling."
-Salesforce Research

"Many businesses are still using out-dated referral marketing and cold calling techniques they used for the last 20-30 years. Now, they're scrambling to keep their business afloat as competitors using advanced marketing and analytics swoop up sales."
-Outrigger Research
Consulting & Full-Service Marketing Agency
 Sales & Marketing Strategy
 Event Management
 AI & Analytics
 Customer Journey Research
 CRM & Salesforce Setup
 Data & Analytics
 Marketing Funnel Design
 Customized Workshops
 Technology Training
 Media Planning & Buying
 Product Design & Packaging
 e-Commerce Solutions
 Target Market Research
 Roundtable Event Planning
 Sales Training & Metrics
Industries We Serve
Technology Industry
Travel & Tourism Industry
Aviation Industry
Outdoor Industry
Funded Startups
We Aim To Get Results
We are different and proud of it!

Most agencies and consultants sell you services you may not need just to make a quick buck. We are selective on which companies we work with so that we can ensure the best possible outcome.... Increased Revenue For Our Clients.

Our process will help uncover hidden bottlenecks within your company. Once we discover what's happening within your sales and marketing funnels, we customize a strategy to streamline the lead generation process and design your funnels and then train your team on how to use the system. If you need to downsize, restructure your organization, or even move your organization, we are ready to help you make the transition smoother.

We have a proven process that works to attract and generate rapport with your target market, capture leads, and even teach your sales team how to close more deals, ethically. Our founder has over 17 years experience on growing companies by refining their sales and marketing procedures. Today, we have an incredible advantage with the use of Artificial Intelligence and automated marketing systems to speed up the process and accurately connect with the target audience whether it's online, at an event, or through direct advertisements locally.

By combining both the marketing and sales systems, we will help you create a smooth customer journey, so that you may stay doing what you're best at doing. Our proprietary 360 Sales Team Assessment will show you the science of what's really happening in your sales pipeline and highlight those hidden bottlenecks! We can teach you how to interview and hire top talent to keep your sales pipeline full.

Let's set up a discovery call and see if there is a good fit. Ask about our sales presentation process to help your business close more leads.
Here are a few platforms we work with:
Here are a few platforms we work with:
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